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Flexo UV & Water-Based Ink Cleaner
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Yellow Magic
cleaner is available
in 5 gallon pails and
55 gallon drums.


Perfect for…
Flexo UV and water-based inks
Coatings & Varnishes from surfaces such as
rubber, plastic, stainless steel alloys, photopolymer
plates, Anilox rollers, cement floors, rugs and other
cloth materials
Can also be used for other cleaning purposes
such as painted or varnished surfaces, and Anilox
rollers on coating units (aqueous). Pre-testing is
recommended prior to using on these applications.

Yellow Magic is currently being used by leading ink companies, label printers, cup manufacturers, paper bag companies, and more – all across the world!

Bradley Systems now offers Yellow Magic™,
a non-HazMat, environmentally safe cleaner.
This water-based cleaner can safely clean virtually
everything on a press. Yellow Magic is terrific when
used in an Ultra-sonic cleaning machine or in a parts
washer. It can even clean cement floors.
Just spray and wipe!
Manufactured in America
Non-flammable – Can be disposed of as ordinary garbage (not a HazMat like other cleaners) … just filter
Yellow Magic through 50 micron screen to take out contaminants before disposing
Zero swelling – The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) testing on rubber surfaces found that Yellow Magic caused 0% swelling.
Environmentally safe – Compliant with California
Clear Air & Water Rule 1171 – only 10.25 pounds of
VOC’s in a 55 gallon drum (instead of 280–320
pounds in a regular cleaner!)
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