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cleaning products for printing industry

Minimize downtime and meet compliance with versatile, safe and effective cleaners

Bradley Systems' specially formulated cleaning products for the printing industry offer a simple-to-use, safe and effective solution for cleaning your printing pressroom, parts and facility. From reducing downtime and make-ready time to meeting environmental compliance or eliminating the costs of hazmat removal and protection equipment, our printing cleaning products make cleaning easy.

"Yellow Magic is a solution for label converters - especially on the west coast."

Doug Nelson, Flexo Technologies
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"Yellow Magic coincided with our SQF, FPA and GMA safe certifications... And if it takes less scrubbing to clean parts, you're happier."

Don Shoberg, Coveris
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Is your facility audited by the AIB or another neutral third party auditing agency? Ask about our Yellow Magic 7; it is NSF registered and ideal for customers who print food packaging or food labeling. We understand your unique needs and continually strive to innovate and create cutting edge cleaners for the printing industry.

Yellow Magic 7 2015

Yellow Magic 7

"Food Safe" Water-based & UV Inks/Coatings Cleaner

  • NSF Registered (#146274)
  • Non-HazMat, Non-Flammable (2.2% VOC)

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Yellow Magic 2015

Yellow Magic

Water-based and UV Ink & Coatings Cleaner

  • Non-HazMat, Non-Flammable (2.2% VOC)
  • Safe fore use in ultra-sonic cleaning machines or parts washers
  • Cleans everything from press parts to photopolymer plates

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Foameee Hand Soap

For use on UV or Water-based Inks

  • Fast, effective ink removal for frequent hand-washers
  • Utra-mild water formulation prevents dryness
  • Can use with or without water

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"We've tried a couple of things since [first use of Yellow Magic], and nothing's really held ground to what Yellow Magic does within the same price comparison...It works good everywhere."

Ed Garnick, Supervisor of Maintenance at Pennsylvania Machine Works