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Sustainability Publications

Stormwater Quality Newsletter

In 2012, Avis Budget Group was recognized as the "Tenant of the Quarter" at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport. In 2011, ABG switched over to using our products. They found that "not only [were our] products cheaper than the original products, but they also [were] safer for the employees, [had] no special disposal requirements, utilize recycled (or recyclable) packaging, [were] biodegradable, and [were] just as effective as the original products. Switching cleaning products resulted in a 30 to 40 percent savings on chemical costs and reduced spending on personal protection equipment. The non-toxic materials eliminated employee injuries related to the cleaning products and, generally, reduced ABG's environmental footprint." To learn more, click the button below and scroll down to page four of the document.

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Hertz Green Initiatives

In 2010, Hertz Rent-a-Car recognized us in part of their corporate "green initiatives". "Hertz uses Bradley Systems' RTX#9 general vehicle cleaning at all of its car rental operations... it has no ozone depleting, greenhouse gas, or global warming chemicals, and is biodegradable in water." To learn more, click the button below and scroll down to page six of the document.

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